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Article Review: Conceptual Change via Vicarious Learning in Physics

 The study, Conceptual Change Through Learning In An Authentic Physics Setting by Derek Muller and his peers at the University of Sydney looked into the effectiveness of students learning “vicariously,” or through other students. The study separated an introductory quantum … Continue reading

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Article Review, “Making Textbook Reading Meaningful”

Educational Leadership‘s March 2012 article, “Making Textbook Reading Meaningful” poses the problem that learning from informational texts is so essential to success in middle school yet students find them boring and 80% are either too advanced or not advanced enough for a … Continue reading

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Teaching Characterization Through Harry Potter Trading Cards

Project: Grace is making a set (10-20 characters) of trading cards for each Harry Potter book. Some characters will show up in each set and some will only be in one (showing dynamic vs. static characters). The design that Grace decided … Continue reading

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Teaching The Revolutionary War Through PBS’ Liberty’s Kids

When I gave up on my dream of playing pro basketball and decided on teaching I looked to my history teachers. History was my subject in high school and fortunately nobody asked me, “John, math is your worst subject, your group … Continue reading

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How Do You Teach Patience?

We are getting no-where with math. I feel like Yoda as he is talking to Obi-Wan’s force ghost on Dagobah. I remember one of the trainers at Team Irish MMA saying that girls learn how to fight faster because they … Continue reading

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Lesson Plan: Homemade Ice Cream Experiment

Purpose: To give students experience planning and executing experiments, thinking in terms of independent and dependent variables, recording and interpreting data, keeping a scientific journal, divergent and convergent thinking, and fostering their natural curiosity. Providing students with real science experience … Continue reading

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