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Article Review: Conceptual Change via Vicarious Learning in Physics

 The study, Conceptual Change Through Learning In An Authentic Physics Setting by Derek Muller and his peers at the University of Sydney looked into the effectiveness of students learning “vicariously,” or through other students. The study separated an introductory quantum … Continue reading

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Paths Of Discovery Effecting Learning

In my philosophy of education I stated how I believe that people assimilate new information through a series of discoveries. This comes from my observations in school that labs and assisted projects seem a much more meaningful component of my … Continue reading

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Lesson Plan: Homemade Ice Cream Experiment

Purpose: To give students experience planning and executing experiments, thinking in terms of independent and dependent variables, recording and interpreting data, keeping a scientific journal, divergent and convergent thinking, and fostering their natural curiosity. Providing students with real science experience … Continue reading

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What Is Appropriate Feedback For A 5th Grade Lab Journal?

From the state curriculum: “It is essential for students to know that only testable questions, which are used to test one variable, are suitable for scientific investigations.  The question should include the relationship between the independent (manipulated) variable and dependent (responding) variable.” My goal for the … Continue reading

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Creating An Expense Tracker

I didn’t have it bad this summer but I definitely ate rice and beans more often than I would have liked. So when I arrived at my Mom’s house the other day I was appalled to find wasted, rotted food … Continue reading

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