How Do You Teach Patience?

We are getting no-where with math. I feel like Yoda as he is talking to Obi-Wan’s force ghost on Dagobah.

I remember one of the trainers at Team Irish MMA saying that girls learn how to fight faster because they take the time to learn techniques properly instead of spazzing out and going crazy when they get the chance to spar. Oddly enough, that is what my sister does when she tries math. I drew a picture of a toolbox on the whiteboard, listed a couple tools   (divide or multiply each side of an equation by the same number or simplify) and gave her some simple equations to solve. Instead of trying out the tools, she just throws a bunch of incorrect math at it. I tell her over and over again that she only needs to use her tools correctly like she knows but she is like someone who forgets all their technique in a sparring match.

We started playing chess which I hoped would teach her to stop and think about what she is doing. I’m not sure if it is working. She uses some strategy that she researched (at least he remembers how to research) but she doesn’t think about how specific moves will change the game. My next attempt at teaching her patience was to teach her leg kicks. It is the norm in martial arts to have a master-student setup where the master is as blunt as possible and just yells at the student when they make a mistake. She thinks it is funny, she knows I am acting the part, but I am hoping that as we continue practicing and playing chess she will learn that faster is not better and she needs to slow down and think about what she is doing.

So is there a better way to teach patience, or do I need to just wait for it to happen?

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One Response to How Do You Teach Patience?

  1. I think you might just need to be patient. 😉

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