From Unschooling To Learning Goals

*For qualified thoughts and analysis on standards based grading and learning goals skip the following garbage and explore the links at the end.

Is it not every person’s dream to be able to have the environment and funding to pursue their own ventures without “the man” breathing down their neck?

It was my vision to provide such an environment for my sister. I am using my opportunity to run every day, read the books I want, take free online classes, learn useless facts on Reddit, and add to my blog. My sister has not been as inspired by an open venue. Over the past couple weeks I tried backing off. I had assumed that I was pushing her too hard and tried to let her go at her own pace. Now I am thinking that she is not mature enough to make so many of her own decisions and can’t handle so much abstract thought.

I did not want to switch to easier lessons that involved more memorization but memorization is easy to asses success and failure and many people like being able to look back and see what they accomplished. Wee already do memorization with her weekly vocab and her current independent research project on the science of animal behaviour. My solution: finish and stick to the learning goals that I started earlier this summer.

I have been hesitant to formalize the goals. I did not want to box myself in, I wanted her to work for the love of learning instead of just to complete a goal, and I am seriously just making all this up as I go along. However, it is now clear that she will benefit more by completing crappy goals than no goals. I looked to my favorite blogs (listed below) to use their thoughts on standards based grading and learning goals. The idea is that everyone has the same goals and works until they can show that they have hit them. For my next post I will discuss how I plan on implementing them, their word choice and what obstacles I foresee.

Like I said above, I am not a qualified source but the following links are blogs and posts by current teachers using standards based grading and learning goals in their classrooms.

My Standards Based Grading Notes, from his blog by Rehett Allain

Action – Reaction Blog, Frank Noschese

I Do Not Get Assessment At All Sometimes, from his blog by Dan Meyer

Perfectionism and SBG, from his blog by John Burk

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