Undertaking An Epic Project: Homeschooling My Sister

I assure you, my family is only a little bit more screwed up than most in that my parents trust me with my 10-year-old sister’s education and encouraged me to put off graduation.

“Don’t be a fool, finish school. This could F-up the rest of your life. You don’t owe anybody anything.”

It was the most controversial decision of my life, my uncle sent me the above message over Facebook, and can be attributed to my dashing arrogance and drive to be like my childhood super-heros that I read and watched (ok, that I still read and watch. If you are looking for an awesome new fantasy look at Patrick Rothfuss’s “Kingkiller Chronichles”) But seriously, what is an older brother supposed to do when his sister is getting bullied every day in school?

Two wrongs actually do sometimes make a right. The combination of arrogance and a stubborn commitment to see things through have yielded surprising results. I started a successful painting business after my freshman year in college and I passed math methods in physics (math has been my worst subject in school since first grade). However, in this case the risk is greater than getting sued for dropping a bucket of paint on someone’s roof or failing some math classes. My sister will build upon this knowledge for the rest of her life. I know all too well that if she doesn’t form a solid foundation then her future education will be a lot harder (especially in math).

For the past few weeks, I have been spending my free time in coffee shops planning projects, organizing a budget, creating Google Docs, calendarring, and converting the fifth grade state curriculum to goals and standards. The hardest part: planning lessons that will live up to my philosophy of education. How the hell am I supposed to lead her to discover properties of triangles?

Coming up next time: my philosophy of education, highlights of my plans and, a link to my learning goals for people to troll.

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