Final Project Idea

I want to make a video (10-15 min) that encourages teachers to promote the internet as a supplement. I have seen way too many science and math students give up when they felt stupid and switch to an easier major.  I will compile mini-interviews of successful math and science students giving advice to freshman about how they would use the internet when their textbook failed them. I don’t think that teachers and professors understand that the difference between failing students and A students is that the A students didn’t give up and found resources to learn when they had to.

What do you guys think?

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2 Responses to Final Project Idea

  1. Kelsi McHugh says:

    I guess I consider myself one of those students who gave up in classes like physics, chemistry, and calculus. I don’t mind math and science, but they are definitely my least favorite things to learn about. You said that A students found resources to learn when they had to, while other kids just gave up. I am the type to ask a lot of questions and I remember my high school physics teacher giving up on me because I did not understand vectors, or certain concepts, that I don’t even remember the names of. I think the teacher should guide the students along the way, offering them tools that might be helpful or websites with games/flashcard/practice tests. The students that are on the edge of giving up need a little guidance, especially when they feel lost in the class, or feel like the teacher has given up on them. I just hope your project focuses some on what the teacher can do to help the students, not just what the student can do on his/her own ??

  2. lucycn8 says:

    I think that your project would prove a very good point. Although the text books help when searching for answers, because they are more likely than not close to the exact text the teachers will use for their exams; some students learn better with supplements. Some kids need tutors, one on one experience, to hear the lessons taught from a different perspective. The internet can be that alternative perspective students need to comprehend the information! I think your project will result in some interesting responses.

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