Fostering A Never-Quit-Attitude

I just got off the phone talking to an applicant. I told him that if he wants an interview, he will have to prove to me that he is not a quitter. At Collegiate Entrepreneurs, we HATE quitters. We invest thousands of dollars per manager and countless hours developing them before we see a return. I did everything I could to scare this guy away. I told him every horror story I could but after 45 minutes he was still very excited to have the chance to join the company, so I scheduled an interview with him and the vice president of the company.

It took Chris, the vice president, 22 estimates before he made his first sale. The company never fires people (we don’t like quitting on our guys either) but Chris was on the edge. After months of putting everything he had into his work he had no results and had made nothing. Then he made his first sale, and took off from there.

I start culturing the people below me during our first phone call when they are an applicant. In my opinion, If you have a never-quit-attitude, you can do anything you want. I came across an article on The Daily Riff called 10 Ways to Build resilience. Tips like “don’t provide the answers” will really force students to push through obstacles, and I think that culturing students is a great thing to do in class. The only problem is finding a balance between molding the character traits that will make them successful and keeping the core of who they are.

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3 Responses to Fostering A Never-Quit-Attitude

  1. lucycn8 says:

    Especially in learning, a ‘can do’ attitude is essential! This will give the students a sense that they can overcome any obstacles in life no matter the difficulty level. Students must set goals for themselves and never give in to the negative self talk until they can reach these goals. Like the video mentions, the best learners are learners that persist and work to improve their performance based on feedback. Learners never quit and quitters never learn.

  2. On the poll and for the record. My middle of the poll vote requires one to understand that I see technology as a tool, that if overlayed with the current systems of education would heighten the issues….Tech+Transformed praxis=hope

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